Dario Robleto, American, born 1972
Things Placed In the Sea, Become the Sea, 2013-2015
Sea urchin shells and spines cast and coated with hand-ground and melted vinyl records salvaged from the deep sea, stretched audiotape recordings of various probe and heartbeat signals, soft coral, various crystals and minerals, various rock slabs, homemade crystals, various seashells, sea urchin teeth, Van Dyke prints (lost probes, probe planetary imagery, news and magazine clippings), watercolor paper, beeswax, aqua resin, entomology pins, walnut, gold and bronze-mirrored acrylic sheet, glass domes, brass, copper, light bulbs
64 ¾ × 57 × 57 in. (164.5 × 144.8 × 144.8 cm) (including pedestal and vitrine)
3-D Object/Sculpture
Purchased with major funds provided by Nina and Michael Zilkha, Franci Neely, Bettie Cartwright, Cecily Horton, and Brad and Leslie Bucher, with additional funds provided by Bridget and Patrick Wade, Clinton T. Willour, Clare Casademont and Michael Metz, Cynthia Toles, Rebecca S. Trahan, and American International Group, Inc.

© Dario Robleto
Photo: Thomas R. DuBrock